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While looking into investing in whisk(e)y I came across an advert for The Lakes Distillery Cumbria. I’d never heard of it before despite having relatives in Cumbria and having spent plenty of time there in the past. After clicking on their site I found out why. They are a new distillery and although producing Gin, Vodka and a Blended Whisky (produced using a unique blend of exceptional British Isles whiskies) they are still in the process of producing their own single malt.

Their first spirit was produced this year (2015) and so won’t legally become whisky until 2018. The Lakes Distillery though are giving a unique chance to become a founding member which provides the opportunity to get bottles of the spirit as is ages. As a founding member you receive among other things one 70cl bottle each year from the original 100 cask along with two miniatures for the first 10 years.

Now I know that as a new distillery with no track record and to top it off (as some people have pointed out repeatedly on their Facebook posts) an English distillery is a gamble. In addition the investment to become a founder member (£600) may not work out in the long run as a sound investment in whisky. However I couldn’t pass up the chance to get in on something from the ground up! Whisky for 10 years (okay 8 years technically as the first 2 bottles are just a malt spirit), 4 distillery passes for 10 years, 10% discount, certificate and name on the founders plaque… As a whisky lover I couldn’t say no!

Despite fears over whether this is a sound investment and the viability of English whisky I have to say I am optimistic for this distillery. For one it has been set up by Paul Currie who with his father Harold helped set up the Isle of Arran Distillers.They are also using some of the most technically advanced distilling equipment in the world and some of Scotland’s foremost whisky experts. They have also proven popular with their gin, vodka and blend. Although I’ve not tried an English whisky before I’m keenly aware that Scotland is not the be all and end all for whisky (blasphemy to some for saying that I’m sure).

Before I turn this into a sales pitch I can assure you it’s not. I’m just trying to spread the word about a new distillery which even if you don’t want to invest in might be worth keeping an eye on in advance of it’s first single malt bottling going on sale in 2018. So I’d highly recommend checking out The Lakes Distillery Cumbria – even if you’re not planning to invest at least to keep in the know about an up and coming whisky brand.

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  1. I’ve joined the founders club and I’m looking forward to sampling the whisky to come. For me it was an interview with Paul in Whisky magazine that sparked my interest, the idea of something akin to a scotch malt but with the ability to be more experimental. I’m also looking forward to founders day next week and bring able to question and talk to the team that set it all up.


    1. Unfortunately I’ve had to spread my payments over 6 months (having a wedding to pay for has eaten up all money). So I won’t be getting my membership pack until April. I’d be very interested in hearing how the founders day goes though. Very much looking forward to seeing how they develop and how successful they are once their first single malt goes on sale.


      1. I’m in a similar situation having spread the payments (wife and two kids at uni), I got my members pack after they had received a couple of payments so that shouldn’t be to long for you. I’m intending to post my experiences from founders day on here so I’ll let you know how it goes. If you’ve not tried it yet the One blend is not bad and worth sampling. Like you I’m looking forward to seeing how the Malt develops over time.


      2. Good to hear I won’t have to wait too long! I’ll keep an eye on your blog so I can keep updated with your experiences. I’m also planning on buying a bottle of the One – if there are any left when I have the money I want to buy a couple of bottles of their sherry cask version. Seen as it is a limited run of just over 3,000 bottles I believe it said it would be nice to have one to drink and one for the collection.


      3. I’m hoping to grab one when I go next week, it will depend on how generous the wife is feeling. I’ve already bought more than I intended to this month and I’m looking at picking up a malt recommended to me by Whisky Waffle from Australia. So it’ll depend on how much more I’ve got to spend to finish Xmas.


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