Ardbeg Committee

Before starting my blog I set out on a mission to sign up to as many distilleries as possible. Any newsletters, Committees or Custodian sign ups I could find I put my name down for. The aim was to be kept up-to-date with information on distilleries, new bottling, special events… anything of potential interest. They were all free and are worth signing up to if you want access to “specialist” invites, offers or information from a particular distillery. In truth though most of the emails are scanned quickly before being deleted, occasionally I will click on a link and read a news story but it’s rare. One such signup however stood head and shoulders above the rest.



The Ardbeg Committee:

Signing up to the Ardbeg Committee gives access to several things.

  1. Access to the Ardbeg online shop.
  2. Access to the “Committee Room” section of their website.
  3. Emails about Ardbeg bottling’s, launched first and exclusively to the Committee.
  4. A Committee “Welcome Pack”.

It is the last of these points that really stood out for me. Rather than just receiving a newsletter or access to a members area on a website Ardbeg take the time to send out a pack to you. The pack contains a letter with some details on the Committee and thanking you for joining, a member’s booklet with (light hearted) Rules & Regulations, and a set of tasting notes and a short history of the distillery.





In the digital age it’s nice to see that Ardbeg still take the time to send hard copies of information out to those who support them. Bravo Ardbeg for your attention to detail!


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