Sheer Decadence

Sheer Decadence

Carrying on my Whisky Cocktail Series with “Sheer Decadence”.

The basis for this cocktail is Jura Origin – my tasting notes for which can be found here.

Although the palate for this particular dram came through with toffee and apple the nose presented white wine and citrus and wanted to complement all of this.

I start off with 1 measure of Jura Origin then I topped this up with Champagne. I wanted to add toffee flavouring to this but had none to hand so went for Caramel Syrup instead (the sort you can buy for putting in coffee). It was difficult to get just the right amount of this – too little and you couldn’t taste it and too much and it overpowered the drink. About a 1/4 measure seemed to work though. Finally an apple slice to top it all off.



1 measure Jura Origin.


Top up with Champagne.

Approx. 1/4 measure Caramel Syrup.

Apple slice to garnish.


*Quantities are rough measurements and can be adjusted to taste.



Mix whisky, champagne and caramel syrup and stir well.

Add apple slice to garnish.

Enjoy (in moderation… or not).

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  1. Hmm…. I’m wrapping my head around this…. Jura and champagne I get and definitely needs another element but can indeed imagine getting not too little / not too much caramel could be a challenge.


    1. Yeah it’s not perfect and when I get a chance I’ll probably go back to it and try again. Toffee flavouring would be preferable to caramel as well as it would complement the Jura better (in my opinion anyway). One to try and perfect another time!

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