Macallan Rare Cask

Rare Cask

Sampled at Whisky Birmingham 2016 run by The Birmingham Whisky Club, my Dream Dram for the day.

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.


Deep reddish gold.


Vanilla, raisin, cinnamon, chocolate, hint of citrus, ginger and nutmeg.


Spicy, oak running throughout, chocolate and vanilla shining through.


Lighter and shorter than expected considering the depth on the nose and palate but with a nice hint of smoke.


A good whisky with plenty of depth – one I’d have liked to have spent more time with and had a larger dram of! That said I’m not sure I’d go out and buy a bottle of this. As lovely a whisky as it was I’m not sure I could justify the price tag (around the £190 mark).




Taken from Macallan Website.


Rare Cask


Crafted to showcase complexity and depth, Rare Cask is drawn from the broadest spectrum of casks, 16 different types, ever identified by the Master Whisky Maker.

Far less than 1% of those casks maturing at the distillery have been identified as fitting to bestow the Rare Cask name.  With rarity at its core, this is a whisky crafted from casks so rare they will never again be used in any Macallan whisky. Combining Spanish and American sherry seasoned oak casks, a high proportion of them first fill, gives rise to an exquisite whisky with a splendidly rich hue, and an unmistakably woody whisky.  Soft notes of opulent vanilla and raisin on the nose, give way to apple, lemon, and orange. Balanced by a spicy quartet of root ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Oak resonates, timeless, polished and rich. Vanilla and chocolate lead the finale along with a light citrus zest. The finish is full, warming and woody.

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