World Whisky Day Event

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The 21st May was World Whisky Day (you can find out more about it here: World Whisky Day). So to mark the occasion I held a small tasting session for a few friends. This was my first time running a tasting session and although I’d put in plenty of planning I knew things probably wouldn’t go quite to plan.

When I say tasting session I should probably clarify – it wasn’t really a whisky tasting. It was more of a party that just happened to include some whisky tasting for those who wanted to participate. There was a rather substantial menu of whiskies on offer (see below) which was added to with a bottle of Jameson and Black Bottle brought by a friend as well as a bottle of Auchentoshan American Oak which was a birthday present from another friend.

WWD Menu

Before any whisky tasting began though I had pre-mixed a bottle of old fashioned using Makers Mark, with enough in to serve around 10 drinks (I managed to get through 4 of these by myself). A few people joined me in having an old fashioned to start and others had there own drinks with them ranging from white wine to snake bites. Once everyone was well lubricated that was when the real fun started though!

We pretty much polished off the last of my Dalmore 15. We also tried a good selection of what was on offer including Nikka Whisky from the Barrel, Cardhu 12, Naked Grouse, Queen Margot, Glen Moray, Auchentoshan American Oak and some of my friends Black Bottle. We probably tried more but after that point my memory goes a tad fuzzy in regards to what we had.

So on the plus side the whisky went down well. Some people who’d not done whisky tasting before got into the spirit of it (pun totally intended!) and gave their views on the whiskies. On the downside though no one really made use of the flyer I did with a colour chart and tasting wheel and no one used the tasting note pads that I’d printed off.

I can take a couple of things form this event. One is that I know enough people who enjoy whisky to be able to run a proper tasting session in the future. The other is that I need to keep an eye on portion control after one of my friends did his own and ended up seeing double!

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