Edradour 10yr (Distillery Edition)


The third of three samples my wife bought me for my 28th birthday, all three adding up to 28 years worth of whisky. The samples were from Master of Malt who I must say gave excellent customer service.

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.


Light Gold – verging on white wine.


Sweet, sherry, fruit, a slightly sharp edge to it tempered by a woodiness. Over time I could pick up vanilla with a mix between biscuit and custard.


Fruity with that sharp edge still present joined by a hint of rum, giving way to oak and again that biscuit and custard mix with a hint of nutmeg.


A long finish, much more wood and spice in the finish but again with that sharp fruity edge just trying to come through.


A surprising range of flavours. It takes awhile to get through to all the different layers on this one and I get the feeling that if I’d had a bigger sample it may have had more to offer still. Certainly one to savor!


Taken from Edradour Website.


Edradour 10 Year Old Distillery Edition

The ten year old Edradour is handmade and one of the last Single Malt Whiskies from a traditional farm distillery still in production today. The methods of production remain virtually unchanged in the last 150 years and are only just capable of commercial quantities. Indeed Edradour Distillery makes as much whisky in a year as most distilleries produce in a week. A rare pleasure for a fortunate few.

Aged in a combination of Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon casks. Chillfiltered at 40% ABV.

“Massive whisky from a pint-sized distillery and massively impressive.” Jim Murray, Whisky Magazine


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Hints of dried fruits, Oloroso and almonds

Palate: Spicy Christmas cake, sweet golden syrup with a touch of honeyed almonds. A distinctive, old fashioned, rich mouth feel coming from the small copper farm stills

Finish: Oaky, soft spices, mellow and warming


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