Glenalba 25yr


Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.


Rich reddish gold.


Sweet, sherry, raisins, caramel, vanilla, a hint of marzipan and an underlying chocolate note.

With Water: Sweeter on the nose (if that’s possible) almost like inhaling syrup.


Sweet, creamy, slight spice to start which builds gradually, sherry and raisins.

With Water: Straight in with the spice without the gradual build up, now a bitter edge present which takes away from the richness.


Short to medium, dry, spicy and nutty.

With Water: Slightly dryer, more nutty and more of that bitter edge.



I was expecting an ok whisky here – yes it’s 25 years old but it isn’t a named distillery whisky – it’s a Lidl own although at £34.99 a bottle it surely couldn’t be too shabby could it? Well I was very pleasantly surprised! This wasn’t just an ok whisky – it was a superb whisky! It’s rich all the way through, from the colour, to the nose and all the way to the palate. Rich and sweet but with enough spice and and nuttiness to stop it becoming too sweet. This is one to drink neat though – water only created a bitter edge which ruined the whole experience.

Proof that you can’t judge a whisky based on its origins (known or unknown) and that you shouldn’t expect a blended whisky to not stand it’s own against a single malt.



Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything on the Lidl website about the 25 year. Thankfully they have written helpful (if slightly fanciful) tasting notes on the back of the box it comes in.


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