I won this bottle in a Twitter competition being run by The Whisky Lady and The Lost Distillery Company. As someone who hasn’t won anything in a competition before I have to say it was a great place to start and certainly encouraged me to keep entering Twitter competitions.


Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.


White Wine.


White wine – Light, sweet, fresh and fruity with a hint of young spirit. Over time an underlying touch of smoke and digestive biscuit comes through.

With Water: More biscuit with a hint of vanilla.


Peppery and slightly smokey with a hint of peat and barley. Lighter fruity notes still running underneath. Once the initial pepper and smoke diminishes it displays a more creamy texture.

With Water: The pepper is toned down with more of that barley and creaminess coming through.


Short and slightly drying. An initial sweet kick moving to more biscuit, barley and a slightly nutty finish.

With Water: Very little change to the finish with the edition of water.



I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. In colour and initially on the nose you could be mistaken for thinking this is a white wine. Although there is a sweet fruitiness to this you couldn’t mistake it for white wine on the palate. It has a range of rich flavours and I seemed to uncover something more every time I tasted it. I have no idea if it tastes like the original Auchnagie but if it does I can see why it was so popular when the distillery was active.



The Lost Distillery Website only has tasting notes for the Archivists Selection and Vintage bottles of Auchnagie. However there is a video with details on the whisky and in depth information about the distillery which you can read in more detail.

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