Whisky & Cheese Pairing: French Brie

Brie.jpg Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.

Third on the list is French Brie. I then picked 3 possible whiskies from my collection to match with it and set about tasting.

Naked Grouse:

Naked Grouse.jpg

Full tasting notes can be found here.

Nose and Palate:

Sweet, sherry, slight bitterness moving to custard, vanilla and a touch of spice and cinnamon.


The creamy sweetness of the whisky should in theory pair nicely with the creamy, fruitiness of the brie. Unfortunately I found the whisky overpowered the brie – although I could still taste the brie much of it’s flavour was masked instead of enhanced. While the creaminess of the cheese intensify the slight bitterness in the Naked Grouse – the one flavour which could have done without being enhanced.


Jura Origin:


Full tasting notes can be found here.

Nose and Palate:

Creamy and thick with toffee and apple.


The creamy sweetness should again have worked well with the brie. However once again I found the cheese was overpowered. It did however seem to work better together than the Naked Grouse as there was no bitterness to the Jura to be intensified.


Queen Margot (3 year):

Queen Margot plus logo.jpg

Full tasting notes can be found here.

Nose and Palate:

Sweet, fruity, creamy, caramel with a touch of spice.


Out of the three whiskies I tried this one probably worked the best with the brie. The sweetness of the whisky was slightly enhanced and the creaminess went well with the creaminess of the brie. Once again though the brie itself was overpowered. I’m starting to wonder whether it’s just that the brie I’ve bought isn’t ripe enough?…


Bonus Round:

In a last ditch attempt to try and finds a pairing for the brie I go completely away from the conventional “sweet whisky” pairings and take some different advice from the world wide web – smoky whisky! Now I don’t currently have a very smokey whisky in my collection but that could work to my advantage as I pull out my trusted Highland Park 12 year – a mix of sweet and smoky.


Highland Park 12yr:

Hp and Brie.jpg

Full tasting notes can be found here.

Nose and Palate:

Sweet, brown sugar, smoke, spice and oak.


This was the best pairing so far. Yes the flavour of the brie was once again overpowered by the whisky, however the flavour of the whisky did benefit from the pairing. The smokiness of the whisky was brought out along with a slight nuttiness which I didn’t get from the whisky on it’s own.


Final thoughts:

I really struggled to find anything that paired well with the brie. The cheese just kept getting overpowered by the intensity of the whiskies. The best pairing by far was Highland Park 12 year. Although the cheese once again lost in the battle of flavour the whisky was enhanced with a new dimension being brought out. Maybe the brie I used wasn’t ripe enough to hold it’s own? Maybe I just need to keep trying different whiskies with it until I find something which works? One to come back to in the future I feel…

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