Essentia Draco

 Welcome to my new range of cocktails entitled:

“Fantastic Cocktails and How to Make Them”

To kick things off I present “Essentia Draco” or “Essence of Dragon”.



Equal measures:

  • Liquid Fire (Fireball).
  • Dragon’s Tears (Laphroaig 10 year).
  • Dragon Blood (Woods Old Navy Rum).


Add the Fireball and Laphroaig 10 year into a glass.

Using a spoon float the Woods Rum on the top of the cocktail.

For effect you can light the cocktail but ensure it is in a tempered glass if you plan on doing this as it will get hot very quickly.


After putting out the flames add an ice ball. This will both chill your cocktail and the glass.


Final Result:

This cocktail is smoky thanks to the Laphroaig and has a fiery kick from the Fireball. While the Woods Rum is sweet which balances the cocktail nicely and at the same time it’s high alcohol content (57%) makes it easy the set on fire for effect.


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