The One: 12 Month Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish


Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.

I was kindly passed this by Vin PF of “No Nonsense Whisky” fame. You can check out his review here. I also highly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel and checking out his other reviews. Thanks again to Vin for passing this over to me.


Gold – with a hint of amber. interestingly it appears a lot lighter in colour in the glass than you’d expect from a sherry cask whisky.


Sweet, sherry, fruit, touch of oak, toffee and caramalised sugar. A faint chemical note, almost like a swimming pool but only very faint.

With Water: Sherry has been toned down a bit giving you more of the sweet caramel flavours but with slightly less depth than it had without water.


Sweet and thick, almost buttery. A good dash of spice which diminishes over time. That characteristic sherry from the nose bringing dark fruits and a slight sharpness.

With Water: A slight bitterness comes through but with a sort of sweetness to it – like a dark chocolate.


Slightly nutty, some light smoke followed by a sweetness. Drying with oak and a touch of spice at the end.

With Water: More smoke and again that bitterness coming through – less dark chocolate now more of an espresso feel to it.


I was honestly expecting not to like this. I’d heard some bad reviews with particular reference to sulphur notes which overpower the whisky. I’ll be honest I didn’t get the sulphur although I did pick up a slight chlorine note on the nose.

This isn’t the most exciting whisky I’ve ever tried, that said though I personally enjoyed it. The mix of sherry, fruit and rich toffee sweetness with those slight oak, spice and bitter notes made it an interesting dram.

Not sure I can recommend it however as there are so many varying reviews on this. Ultimately it is all down to personal taste so if you do give this a try I would be interested in hearing your take on it.


In regards to the sulphur note that Vin and some others have picked up on with this dram; Chris Allen – a whisky aficionado from Twitter @chrisrichallen commented on Vin’s review with this:

“Sulphur taste is usually caused by sulphur candles which are used to fumigate old barrels during warmer months. The increase in sherry casks whisky has led to a shortage in sherry casks themselves so people have to turn to casks which may no be ideal for sherry finishing due to quality. Lucky for some, not everyone can taste sulphur, so it can work out but I think 1 in 3 people can taste it.”

Unfortunately having not picked up the sulphur note on this before I now do. Not enough to make it un-drinkable but enough that it spends most of its time now gathering dust on my shelf.


Taken from the Lakes Distillery Website:

This is a very special expression of The ONE, and is a limited edition of only 2,540 bottles.

The finest aged whiskies from around the British Isles, sourced by our Master Distiller.

Whiskies of outstanding character are expertly blended to create a unique combination of flavours that reflect the passion, diversity and craftsmanship inherent across our island nations.

These have then been married together before being put into Oloroso Sherry hogsheads, carefully crafted in Spain from European oak. In these special casks seasoned with this dark, medium sweet sherry, The ONE is then ‘finished’ for a further 12 months, enhancing even further this unique whisky.

TASTING NOTES: Sweet, orange peel and almonds, dark chocolate, hints of spice, slightly smoky.

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