Talisker Dark Storm

Talisker DS.jpg

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.

I was kindly given a sample of this by Vin PF of “No Nonsense Whisky” fame. You can check out his review here. I also highly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel and checking out his other reviews. Thanks again to Vin for passing this over to me.


Deep gold, verging on amber.


Smoky – underneath the heavy smoke however is some fruit notes, sweetness and a touch of vanilla. There’s also that characteristic Talisker pepper along with some oak.

With Water: Not much of a difference with water, maybe toned down the smoke a little though.


Smoky, leading into spice, again this is the characteristic Talisker pepper but more intense than on say the Talisker Skye. The oak is very apparent on here as well. When you persevere past the smoke and spice though there’s a sweetness to it again with that vanilla note form the nose.

With Water: Toned down smoke, more sweet and with a creamy feel to it.


Long and smoky, slightly nutty and with a bitter edge.

With Water: Some citrus shows through – only faint but a it definitely gives a bit of a tang to it.


I really enjoyed this…. I mean REALLY enjoyed it! This may have been partly influenced by the fact it was my first drink in three weeks but still…. I loved the heavy smoke and the intense spice to it. The addition of some underlying fruit and sweetness helped as well although I would maybe have liked a bit more of that.

If you don’t like smoky or spicy whiskies then I’d avoid this one. If like me however you appreciate that then it’s well worth a try!


Taken from the Talisker Website:



Amber gold.


A salty, smoky edge combines with hints of aromatic spices and oak, developing into stewed apples.




Exceedingly smooth and sweet with an intense vibrant combination of fresh fruits, blackcurrants and liquorice, slowly disappearing into a tempest of rich spice.


Warm, lingering and powerfully smoky.

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