Over the weekend I had a curious new Twitter follow from the Scotch Marketing Broad
(@ChooseScotch). I thought this was interesting timing considering I’ve just started exploring the world of American Whiskey a little more. You can read more on what the Scotch Marketing Broad are planning do do on their website but to give you a brief overview:

#ChooseScotch Who.png

A not-for-profit, private sector organisation;

The Scotch Marketing Board will be a unique membership organisation – a collective, forged between all the stakeholders in the industry. Trade associations, government, distillers, independent bottlers, retailers, venues, bartenders, brand ambassadors; promoting Scotch Whisky through collaboration.

We’ll also be looking outside the Scotch industry: working with the best in breed to help deliver our vision: digital marketers, designers and brand creation specialists, bloggers, content creators, photographers, journalists and presenters.

Mission#ChooseScotch Who.png

Taken from The Scotch Marketing Board Website.

After reading their website I found some quite interesting ideas on there and it got me thinking about the different types of whisky I drink.

As a blogger I want to try anything and everything whisk(e)y. Partly so I don’t miss out on any great experiences but also because I don’t want to be pigeonholed into one area, I want anyone reading my blog to get as broad an experience as possible. That said no matter what else I try I always return to Scottish whisky and I started to ask myself why.

It’s not because of it’s availability as you can now get a growing range of world whiskies easily either in shops or online. I suppose part of it may be down to being a quarter Scottish and feeling some connection there… that said I’m three quarters English and I ultimately still chose Scotch over English whisky. Is it maybe because they’ve been making whisky for so long they have a level of prestige that keeps drawing me back? Or that there is a lot of experimentation and innovation starting to happen with new cask types and so on?

All of this may play a part but no, the main reason I always turn back to Scotch is simple. Scotch whisky has such a broad range of styles and tastes that you can find something to suit pretty much everyone’s palate in one small country. Whatever whisk(e)y you try and whatever flavour profile it provides I feel that you can find an equivalent somewhere in Scottish whisky. With such an array of whisky regions and an ever growing list of distilleries within them there seems to be a never ending supply of different whiskies harking from Scotland.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stop drinking whisk(e)y from anywhere that’s not Scotland. I think that would be wrong of me to do or for anyone else to tell people to do and not at all in the spirit (pun definitely intended) of what this is all about. Instead I think that this is about highlighting what Scottish whisky has to offer and making sure people don’t forget that. Just because Jim Murray has declared another none Scottish whisky to be “the best in the world” doesn’t mean that Scotch has lost it’s touch, far from it.

At the same time the Scottish whisky industry may have to make some changes and accept that it needs to adapt to suit the modern world. Again though this is all part of what The Scotch Marketing Board want to do: “Challenge Us. The Scotch Marketing Board is a work in progress – help make decisions and guide our direction.” They want to learn what’s driving people away from Scotch to help change that and draw them back.

Hopefully I’ll be re-visiting this topic in the near future with more updates on The Scotch Marketing Board and their work.


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