After Burns

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So Burns Night is over for another year, what now?

You had an evening of merriment, eating the elusive Haggis and drinking a fair quantity of whisky…. on a school night as well, tut tut! You’re now probably sat at your desk at work trying not to be sick, pass out, punch a co-worker/customer in the face for bothering you or you’re just plain dying. Whatever you do though do not swear off ever drinking whisky again – that would be pure sacrilege!

Instead take this time of reflection to plan what and when you’ll be drinking in the year to come. Here are some ideas to help you out:


Whizzky App:

Use this handy app to keep track of what whisky you own and which bottles you’ve killed, think of it some twisted Pokémon game where you have to catch and then kill them all!


You can also create a whisky wish list which is handy to access when out and about and you happen to pass a whisky shop. It also lets you scan whisky bottles for info, save favourites, rate and share, create tasting notes, start a members-only Whisky Club & more. Available on iOS & Android. Visit their website for more information:


Whisky Festivals:

There are more and more whisky festivals now running up and down the country – wherever you live there’s probably a festival near you! Whisky Birmingham run by The Birmingham Whisky Club, Midlands Whisky FestivalThe Whisky Lounge Festivals up and down the country, Whisky Live London, Spirit of Speyside, Islay Whisky Festival and The Spirit Show London. That’s just a small number as well, there are many more festivals going on if you know where to look.

Festival Logos.png

Whisky festivals are a chance to really indulge in social alcoholism. Yes you’re “tasting” the whiskies – but when you don’t really have the time to make notes is it still tasting or is it just getting drunk in a professional manner? I’ll leave the answer to that one up to you!


Attend a Whisky Tasting:

As with whisky festivals there are more and more whisky tastings popping up… well, everywhere! Just Google “Whisky tasting in…” and you’re bound to find something that’s easy to get to. If you live near Birmingham then The Birmingham Whisky Club run regular tastings that are well priced. Alternatively why not check out The Whisky Wire’s Tweet Tastings. Simply register your interest and if selected you’ll get sent samples to taste on a set date and time and you have to do is Tweet along with your thoughts.

the whisky wire.png

Lets face it, what’s better than being able to drink… I mean “taste” whisky and inflict your opinions on others at the same time (why do you think I started this blog!).


Run your own Tasting:

There are any number of reasons to run a whisky tasting for friends and family – it’s World Whisky Day, it’s St Patrick’s / St Davids / St Andrews day, it’s Whisky Wednesday (yep that happens every Wednesday!) So rather than just attending a tasting why not put your knowledge to the test and introduce friends and family to the joys of whisky tasting. After all it’s more acceptable to drink lots of whisky if it’s “research” for a tasting you’re running (again why do you think I started this blog!).

world whisky day.png

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  1. paddycorkscrew says:

    Great piece. Loved it…and how did I miss that Whizzky app ??? Gonna be a lot of scanning done in the next few days! Slainte.


    1. Thank you, apparently comedy style posts are more popular than standard tasting notes 😂 I only found it because they’d followed me on Twitter, very useful app! Sláinte agad-sa!

      Liked by 1 person

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