Your wife might be going into labour nearly 6 weeks early; what do you do? Take part in a live Macallan Tweet Tasting of course!

So let me start by saying yes my wife was having sever Braxton Hicks contractions and we were worried that it might turn out to be more than just Braxton Hicks. I’m sure some of you will be offended by the idea of me doing a Tweet Tasting rather than giving my wife my full and undivided attention, but what can I say – whisky is life!


Moving swiftly on, if you’ve never heard of The Whisky Wire or Tweet Tastings before then you really need to check them out! Run by Steve Rush The Whisky Wire run Tweet Tastings which basically offers the chance for a select few people to be sent a selection of drams in return for Tweeting along at the allocated time with your opinions. As I said in a recent post about this: “Lets face it, what’s better than being able to drink… I mean “taste” whisky and inflict your opinions on others at the same time (why do you think I started this blog!).”

For this particular Tweet Tasting we had a selection of 3 Macallans:

  • The Macallan 12 Year Fine Oak.
  • The Macallan 12 Year Sherry Oak.
  • The Macallan 12 Year Double Oak.

Now my wife was all set to put our 3 year old son to bed (usually my job) as his bed time falls very inconveniently at the same time as every single Tweet Tasting I’ve ever seen!!! But about and hour and a half before it was due to start she began getting the dreaded Braxton Hicks contractions and from that point onward they only got stronger. Anyone who has experienced the miracle of birth before will know that at this point I could certainly do with a whisky to calm me down. So at 6:45pm I managed to persuade my son to go up to bed early and while rushing to get him to bed quickly I sent out a quick tweet to the other tasters to let them know I might be running a little late.


Needles to say after that tweet my phone was a light with notifications as I was reading my son his bedtime story. It was “The Dinosaur that Pooped The Bed!” if you’re interested, a great series of books all about a Dinosaur that poop’s different things.


Thankfully I managed to get my son off to be just in time to join in the fun and revelry!


Being a tad distracted by a potential early baby arrival my notes were pretty basic…

fine oak.png

Luckily I was only having a small sample, you know in case I had to leap into action, so I have plenty left over to do a proper tasting when I have more time. My distraction state showed up in my spelling and poor choice of phrasing, luckily Smogs was on here best behavior and didn’t take the Michael out of me for it!


Sietse Offringa the European Brand Ambassador for Edrington asked a great question of when you would be a good moment to enjoy this dram, to which I had only one response!

Ambassador 2.png

Things escalated a little after that as a call to the midwife was made…


I wasn’t thew only one facing a crisis that evening as Whisky Apocalypse had his own problems to deal with and had to leave earl…


It wasn’t long after that that the Tweet Tasting came to a close anyway and I left to ensure my wife wasn’t giving birth in the living room!


For those who want to know it was just sever Braxton Hicks in the end, we didn’t end up with an early birth (and we’re still waiting). Also my wife was fine with me drinking whisky while this was going on, believe me if she hadn’t have been okay with it then I wouldn’t have risked encountering her wroth by going ahead with it! Lastly I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the Tweet Tasting as well as others for their concern for my wife, thank you all for taking the time to message me both during and after to check everything was okay…

…Stay tuned for a live Tweet Birth event #BabyBirth

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