The Macallan 12 Year Double Cask

Double Cask.jpg

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.

On the run up to Burns Night 2017 I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the participants for a Macallan Tweet Tasting run by The Whisky Wire. To find out more about The Whisky Wire, Tweet Tastings and for more details on the trials and tribulations of taking part in a Tweet Tasting while your wife might be in early labour check out my blog post #TheMacallan.

Here are my detailed tasting notes for the Third of the 3 whiskies tasted.




Sweet, lots of honey, fruit, vanilla and oak.


Sweet to start with plenty of fruit – like a dried fruit selection, followed by oak and a slightly bitter note then a good dash of spice and finally sweet and creamy with more vanilla at the end. What a roller coaster ride!


Spicy oak, that characteristic vanilla and an orange citrus note.


Richer than the Fine Oak but not quite in the same league as the Sherry Oak in my opinion. The biggest note on this was the honey – OH-MY-GOD the honey! If Winnie the Pooh ever made it to adulthood then this may very well be his whisky of choice!


By now you’re probably picturing a worn out, grizzled Winnie the Pooh, his illusions on life shattered, drinking Macallan 12 Year Double Cask to make life seem worth living again…


Taken from The Macallan Website.



Harvest Sun




Creamy butterscotch with a hint of toffee apple, candied orange, vanilla custard and newly felled oak.


Deliciously honeyed, wood spices and citrus, balanced with raisins and caramel.


Oak lingers, warm, sweet and drying.

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