International Scotch Day


Today (Friday 10th February 2017) is the first ever International Scotch Day! What’s that, you’ve never heard of it before? Well until about a week ago neither had I! So what’s it all about (other than Scotch obviously)?

International Scotch Day is a Diageo initiative to promote Scotch. Yes that’s right, Diageo are running it. Now I know what you’re thinking – “it’s all a marketing ploy to boost their sales!!”… well, yes, of course it is. But does that mean you should boycott it? No! Diageo are a profit making company so of course they want to make more money off of this by touting their Scotch whisky. But if you’re savvy you could use this to promote any Scotch whisky – Diageo owned or not. Jump on the bandwagon already – heck I have been with all of my posts for the last week!


As part of International Scotch Day Diageo are also opening up their distilleries for free tours as well as granting access to their coveted Diageo Archive to the public for the first time. So why not make the most of a free distillery tour as well! Yes I know, you’ve not had enough notice for that part. Well neither did I! For an international event they didn’t do the best job of advertising it did they? (unusual for a normally marketing savvy company no?). But next year you’ll know in advance right? Well only if you pay close attention to what’s happening as apparently it might not be on the same day each year (yeah I don’t get that bit either).


You know what though, it’s time to stop overthinking it all, stop worrying and just make the most of the day! It’s another excuse to have a drink of Scotch (if you need an excuse). So stop worrying about whether Diageo are making a mint off of this and just enjoy the fact that you can celebrate an amazing and diverse category of whisky and have a drink. It is Friday after all! Oh and if you want a more detailed and serious explanation as to what International Scotch Day is then check out this post by The Amateur Drammer.


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  1. The Whisky Ladies of Mumbai and I joined the Mumbai celebration… while we had good fun it was a slightly random event. And we certainly needed a pre-nip of something properly drinkable and then disguising the blends in cocktails for the night. But that’s just our palate preferences… 🙂

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    1. It did seem a little slap dash in its organisation all round. There wasn’t any real advertisement of it until a week or two before the day… maybe next year will be a bit more organised? Shame they didn’t have a better selection for you as well, even just serving Diageo brands they could have given a great line up for the evening to really showcase what Scotch has to offer.

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      1. Even here it was quite last minute with a flurry of invites. We were served JW Red, Black, Black Dog, Black & White, Vat 69… narry a single malt in sight! A far cry from drinkable drams in our ever so humble opinion. 😉

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      2. Well hopefully next year will be a bit better organised (presuming it went well enough for them to do it again). Shame there were no single malts. As much as I champion blends they’re not (normally) as deep and rich in flavour as a single malt can be. You’d have thought when they own Talisker, Lagavulin etc they’d have made the most of them as well. I wonder if maybe Diageo felt people in India would prefer a lighter tasting whisky? Always annoys me when they decide a large and diverse group of people will all enjoy one style of whisky – it just doesn’t work like that!


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