Penderyn Red Flag

wp-image-1847155526jpg.jpgPlease take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.

1st March is St David’s day – in preparation for this I’m going to be posting tasting notes for a selection of Penderyn Welsh whiskies.


Light – white wine.


Sweet, hint of Playdough (I know, I know, this is what being a parent does to you!). Rhubarb and custard with a slight tartness to it.

With water: Digestive biscuits.


Oak, slightly bitter to start, spice, some citrus and then vanilla, custard and a hint of nuts.

With water: Slightly more fruit and citrus.


Fruity, apple and grapefruit giving a citrus edge. Mild spice and vanilla and custard.

With water: Digestive biscuit again.


Characteristic of Penderyn – a nice mix of fruit with a citrus edge and sweet creamy flavours. I have to admit to having a moment of “all their whiskies taste the same”. That’s not meant as a bash at their whiskies – all their whiskies are good, however they (so far) seem to be very similar. A certain amount of this is just what you’d expect from any distillery – Highland Park for example have core flavours running through all their whiskies from new make up. However I’m hoping to try something from Penderyn that really stands out as unique…



Taken from The Penderyn Website.



Nose: Aromas of fresh apples and citrus fruits intermingle with creamy fudge and sultana raisins in the nose to create a complex yet fresh, clean and well-balanced whisky.

Palate: This single malt whisky is incredibly smooth and both fresh and rich dried fruits abound. Delicate and sweet on the palate with just a hint of bitterness.

Finish: A refreshing malt, it slowly presents a long finish leaving an aftertaste of Madeira cake and sultanas.

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