Whisky & Roast Lamb Pairing

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret these whiskies differently from me.

I’m going round my parents house for Sunday dinner – roast lamb (my favourite). What better chance to do some more whisky and food pairing? I went for three whiskies – Glen Moray Elgin Classic, Cardhu 12 Year and Laphroaig 10 Year.


Glen Moray Elgin Classic:

Glen Moray

Full tasting notes can be found here.

Nose and Palate:

Light, white wine, citrus, floral, nutty, dry.


Very nice, the light citrus notes of the whisky cut through the gravy and give a lighter aspect to the lamb. It also complements the ratatouille really well.

Cardhu 12 Year:

Cardhu 12.jpg

Full tasting notes can be found here.

Nose and Palate:

Sweet and fruity with a touch of citrus, balanced by gentle smoke, oak and spice.


Again the lighter citrus notes of the whisky complements the lamb well. However the slight smokiness adds another dimension and goes great with the heavy gravy.

Laphroaig 10 Year:


Full tasting notes can be found here.

Nose and Palate:

Smoke, peat and iodine along with a touch of spice but with a sweet vanilla aspect.


The smoke from the Cardhu was good but the smoke from the Laphroaig worked even better! It worked great with the lamb and the gravy and strangely worked really well with the ratatouille as well, contrasting the light and fresh flavours.

Final thoughts:

All of these whiskies worked well and I’d recommend giving all of these a go as a pairing. However I’d say that if you want something light and citrusy to cut through the heavy flavours go with the Glen Moray. If like me you love peat and smoke then go for the Laphroaig – it will change the dish for you completely.

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