Penderyn That Try

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.

1st March is St David’s day – in preparation for this I’m going to be posting tasting notes for a selection of Penderyn Welsh whiskies.


Almost clear (seriously, it’s almost like water!)


Young spirit, slight fruit with a citrus quality (more lemon than anything), some oak and a slight floral quality at the end.


Creamy vanilla, slight citrus, oak, a bit of mild spice and a slight nuttiness.


Long, nutty but also bitter.


I wouldn’t say this was a bad whisky, I would however say it’s my least favourite Penderyn expression so far. It’s young and lacking the depth of other expressions from them and I have to say my tasting notes don’t match theirs at all which is unusual. I didn’t get any peat smoke, no matter how mild, any seaside or salt or marmalade on toast and I didn’t get medicinal flavours on the palate either. Now everyone interprets whiskies differently so that may just be me but I do tend to get relatively close to at least some of the tasting notes normally.

Again I’m not saying this is a bad whisky and I’d happily drink it again if offered it for free. I’m just not sure my experience of it tallys with what they are saying it is. I also don’t think it’s worth £48 a bottle – this seems to me to be an example of a young whisky being sold as a high priced NAS. So sorry Penderyn but this one was a try and a miss for me I’m afraid.



Taken from The Penderyn Website.



Nose: Mild aromas of peat smoke, early morning at the rocky seaside and warm marmalade on toast all compete for our attention. A very fresh and clean whisky, beautifully distilled, which gives pleasure from the very first sip.

Palate: It begins with great sweetness before the smoky, slightly medicinal flavours descend.

Finish: Slight bitterness follows, which leaves a long and lingering fresh taste in the mouth.

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