Glenfiddich Project XX

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whiskey differently from me.


Burnished gold.


Oak to start giving way to sweet, vanilla, custard and toffee. Tart apples, raisins and sultanas come through in time along with under-cooked pastry and nutmeg. Also a slight alcohol burn present.


Oak and vanilla to start soon being overtaken by peppery spice. Once this subsides you get a good dose of fruit – tart apples and blackcurrants, raisins and sultanas. If you hold this is in your mouth it becomes slightly bitter over time but soon turns sweet again if you swirl it around a bit.


Long, oak with a slightly bitterness giving way to sweet digestive biscuit and malt. Slightly drying.


I thought I wasn’t going to like this to start with – all I got was oak and it seemed to be overpowering everything else. After a little while though it opened up and wow! Lots of sweetness and fruit coming through making for a really interesting dram. Packed full of flavour this was a really interesting dram and a good NAS that’s also not too badly priced, well worth a try.


Taken from Glenfiddich Website.



Deep gold.


Classic fruitiness with hints of apple blossom and plump pear. A perfect balance of rich vanilla oak with golden sugar and a touch of liquorice.


Deep and mellow, the candyfloss sweetness is complemented by unusual notes of toasted almonds and cinnamon and a hint of crisp tannin.


Long lasting with a savoured sweet oakiness.

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