A baby, whisky, innuendo and a fox. Put all these things together and you get a House of Malt Twitter Tasting!

“House of Malt is an independent family business, we are Cumbria and the Lakes whisky specialists. We sell Whisky based on region, hand selected, based on our vast experience of travelling the length and breadth of Scotland (and further) to find the best malts available for a wide range of taste and preference.”

Taken from House of Malt

As well as selling a wide range of whiskies they also have their own range known as the House of Malt Secret Bottling Series. This is a range of very high quality single malts from Scotland’s best distilleries. The fact they don’t state the distillery on the label means they can offer these whiskies at just a fraction of the price they would usually be. This Twitter Tasting saw us exploring their current selection in this series – a Highland 10, Speyside 15 and Islay 10.

As usual I was on the verge of missing the start of this Twitter Tasting! This time there were no worries about my wife going into early labour as the baby was already here. Instead I was being used as a comfortable place to sleep as was not allowed to move under threat of loud “Wah, wah, waaaahhhh’s!”


Thankfully I managed to break free of her super cute clutches and get started in the nick of time! The Tweet Tasting was to be run by Maltman Mike who took over the House of Malt twitter feed for the evening. If you’ve not heard of Maltman Mike before then I’ll presume you’re either new to whisky or you’ve been living under a rock 😉 Either way I highly recommend checking out his straight talking whisky vlog here.


First up was the HoM Highland 10 year old:



H10 Nose

HoM H10 Nose.png


H10 Palate.png

And enter the fox….

Fox 1.png

Next up was the Speyside 15:



S15 Nose


S15 Palate.png

Here comes the fox again…

Fox 2.png

Lastly the Islay 10:



I10 Nose.png


I10 Palate

Islay obviously brings out the playful side in us as we get some classic innuendo brought on – not sure if Smog’s lines them up on purpose or if she’s an innocent party in all this….


Lastly lets she what the fox says:

Fox 3.png

Fox 4.png


This was a fantastic evening with some great whiskies – everyone had their favourites (although I think the Islay was the clear winner!). I highly recommend checking out House of Malt and their Secret Bottling Series and keep an eye out for future additions to the series.

Lastly I’d like to say a big thank you to House of Malt and Maltman Mike for organising and running the tasting and to everyone who took part and whose tweets I’ve included in this post – apologies if I’ve missed anyone off the list below!

House of Malt

Maltman Mike

James Palmer

iLaddie, Whisky Nerd

Whisky Corner

Brian’s Malt Musings

Dram Gazette

Jon – scotchandscifi

Spirit and Wood

The Whisky Viking

smileysmoggy 🙂


John Alcock

craig watson


Real Dram Rob

Martin Sykes Jones

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