#wishkyhour 2

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky very differently from me.

Another whisky sample, with nothing more than a logo, a date and #wishkytwo on it and nothing else. It has to be another #wishkyhour blind tasting!

Wishky are the latest company to sell whisky sample boxes, the difference with wishky is you get the option to do a blind tasting of the samples. Their sample boxes come with cards containing details on the whisky and tasting notes which correspond to a code on each samples label.

wishky sample box.jpg

For the #wishkyhour tasting’s however we aren’t given a card with tasting notes one, or any clue in fact as to what was in the bottle (other than whisky obviously). Instead we join in the tweet tasting with our opinions on the whisky and at the end make an attempt at guessing it’s origin. It turned out that this was a whisky I’d tried before, albeit a brief tasting at Whisky Birmingham 2016. So rather than giving examples of what everyone said on the evening (check out Brian’s blog post here for that), I am going to give my personal tasting notes from the tasting. I’ve then included a link to both official tasting notes and my personal notes from when I’d tried it previously.









Despite having tried this one before I failed miserably at guessing it!


So the big question – which whisky were we tasting? To find out click here to see my original tasting notes on the Islay beauty! I might not have been able to guess it correctly however I think my tasting notes from the blind tasting match up pretty well with my original notes. I found that quite reassuring as these blind tastings really are a test of your tasting abilities. No label, no abv, no idea of whether it’s a NAS or an age statement, single malt or blend, even if it’s from Scotland never mind which region! You enter into this with no preconceptions about what you are tasting so it really is all about the whisky and not the marketing behind it.

I highly recommend checking out Wishky and keep an eye out for their one off boxes coming soon which will include this online blind tasting element. You can also see their post for this #wishkyhour here along with official tasting notes for the mystery whisky.

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