Dalmore Distillery Exclusive (2014)

20170411_122754Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whiskey differently from me.

This sample was bought for me by my sister for my birthday through The Exclusive Dram – a company whose aim is “to allow anyone the chance to sample some of the most unique and expensive whiskys without breaking the bank!”




Sherry, wine, orange peel and oak.


Slightly bitter to start with lots of oak and spice. This soon gives way to sweet notes however – vanilla and caramel, followed by a whole load of fruit – dried fruit mix, plumbs and blackcurrants.


Spicy to start but soon that dried fruit comes out again as well as definite port. This gives way to a bitter sweet flavour – think rich coffee or high cocoa dark chocolate.


The usual Dalmore fruity sweet notes but with something more. Less of the vanilla and caramel/toffee that is typical of Dalmore and much more emphasis on the fruit however this is tempered by a good dose of spice and then some bitter notes of coffee or dark chocolate. I really enjoyed this one and would happily drink more of it, it’s just a shame that it was a distillery shop exclusive and limited to only 650 bottles.

I love the Dalmore range and something like this with more depth than just fruit and sweet would be a great addition to their standard bottlings. However I have a big issue with expressions which are limited to Distillery Shop only or  Travel Retail only. There are some great whiskies out there but as soon as you make it limited where you can buy it you make it inaccessible for so many people. I always find this a great shame as it deprives so many people of opportunity to try a potentially fantastic whisky. But then that’s where companies like The Exclusive Dram come in and give you the opportunity to try something you might otherwise have never even heard of.



Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any tasting notes for this particular expression to compare my own with. Instead I’ve included what information I can find from The Exclusive Dram Website.


This expression brought to you from The Dalmore was limited to 650 bottles and sold exclusively from the Distillery shop.

  • Category – Single Malt from Highlands, Scotland
  • Distillery – Dalmore
  • District – Highlands
  • Bottler – Distillery Bottling
  • Bottled – 2014
  • Cask type – Port Cask Finish
  • Strength – 52.0 % Vol.
  • Number of bottles – 650

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