English Whisky Co. Chapter 14 (unpeated)

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whiskey differently from me.

I bought this particular dram after my wife told me to (I know when it’s best to do what I’m told). This is to mark St George’s Day on 23rd April. I had intended to do a couple of weeks worth of English whisky reviews on the run up but it didn’t work out in the end and instead I spent a week sharing my old tasting notes for Lakes Distillery whiskies I’d previously tried. This however I tasted on St George’s day itself and just about managed to post these notes in time!


White wine.


Vanilla to start, then some young spirit comes though (this particular expression is 5 years old). Once I got past this though I got butter, raisins, apples and rum sweetness. I did also get some slight wood – not oak though, more like pine.


Sweet, fruity at first then the alcohol took hold and obscured everything for a moment (surprising as it’s only 46%). Once I got used to this though bananas and custard came through.


Slightly nutty and dry. A green grape note lingers though.


This was my first time trying anything by The English Whisky Co. and I have to say I regret not having tried their whisky sooner. 

This wasn’t anything astounding. It was fruity, sweet and creamy. However being hit by the alcohol burn on the palate did ruin it a bit for me – maybe a drop of water would remedy this though? I personally wouldn’t buy this expression again, and in fact I’m glad I only bought a 20cl bottle as the 70cl version is a tad pricey in my opinion at around the £45 mark.

After that rather damning conclusion however it did leave me intrigued about their other expressions. This was only 5 years old and I’d like to see something a bit older from them. This expression may not have suited my palate but I’ll certainly explore more from them and hopefully I’ll find something which I do enjoy.


Tasting notes from The English Whisky Co. Website.



Warm vanilla Danish pastry. Fruity with lychees and rum soaked raisins. Demerara sugar and mandarin oranges.


Very fruity, bananas and light fruits. Hints of crème brulee. Almost like a light brandy. Warm alcohols and a long dry finish.

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