The Exclusive Dram

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Don’t be confused by their name – The Exclusive Dram is not some high end, exclusive club – far from it! Instead their aim is to allow anyone the chance to sample some of the most unique and expensive whiskys without breaking the bank!

The Exclusive Dram has been created to bring you a wee taste of the most special and unique whiskies Scotland has to offer. They supply drams in quantities that allow everyone to enjoy the fine taste of luxurious whisky without the high end prices that match when buying a whole bottle.

Your ‘Exclusive’ dram will be hand bottled from their collection, sealed and sent directly to your door.

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Launched in early 2016, The Exclusive Dram was an idea I have wanted to progress with for some time.  I felt there was a niche in the market for whisky collectors, as a young collector myself I wanted to be able to sample the whisky I bought without opening my prized possessions.
After researching local tastings I found these were few and far between in the North of Scotland and with an already busy lifestyle it wasn’t always feasible to travel the distance required to attend any out with my local area.
This was when The Exclusive Dram was born….
Exlusive Dram banner 2.png

The Exclusive Dram focus only on whisky as this is where their passion and expertise lie. So apart from a wide range of whisky samples the only other thing they sell is whisky glassware. They do however have one other feature to their site – the facility to sell whisky on your behalf. It’s often easy to sell a full, unopened bottle of whisky yourself however through The Exclusive Dram you are able to sell even opened bottles which they will split into samples and then sell on.

At The Exclusive Dram we are always looking to add unique bottles to our collection. If you are interested in selling any bottle from your collection or your entire collection please send an email to and we will get in touch and discuss this with you. We are mainly intersted in Limited edition bottlings or distillery exclusive ranges. 

Please add as much information in your email with regards to fill level, condition and attach photographs to help us get a realistic valuation to you.

Want to find out more? Have a look on their website and check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Facebook: @Theexclusivedram

Twitter: @ExclusiveDram

Instagram: @theexclusivedram

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