Glenfiddich Mary Queen of Scots

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whiskey differently from me.

This sample was kindly donated to my blog by The Exclusive Dram – a company whose aim is “to allow anyone the chance to sample some of the most unique and expensive whiskys without breaking the bank!”


Light gold.


Sweet – toffee. Fruity – apples, tropical – banana. A slight spice – pepper and nutmeg.

Butter and dusty oak.


Creamy and sweet – vanilla, fruit – banana, apple and red grapes. Again slight spice and oak.


Sweet – toffee and fruit. Oak, slightly nutty.


You get a lot of the characteristic Glenfiddich profile with this dram – the fruit, oak, toffee, pepper. But it came across as really creamy and tropical with definite banana’s which I surprisingly enjoyed as I normally hate anything banana flavoured (other than actual banana’s). This was really easy to drink and although it wasn’t hugely complex it had enough to it to hold my interest and I could see myself drinking a bottle – or a decanter as this expression comes in – in  next to no time!

You’re looking at around £180 for bottle/decanter of this at the moment however a sample from The Exclusive Dram is only £9.99 and in my opinion that’s a bargain!



I couldn’t find any official tasting notes for this particular dram, the notes below are from The Exclusive Dram Website.

A Celebration of Scotland’s Royal Heritage

  • Category – Single Malt from Speyside, Scotland
  • Distillery – Glenfiddich
  • District – Speyside
  • Bottler – Distillery Bottling
  • Bottling series – Ceramic Decanter
  • Strength – 40.0 % Vol.

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