If you’ve never heard of The Whisky Wire or Tweet Tastings before then you really need to check them out! Run by Steve Rush The Whisky Wire run Tweet Tastings which basically offers the chance for a select few people to be sent a selection of drams in return for Tweeting along at the allocated time with your opinions. As I said in a recent post about this: “Lets face it, what’s better than being able to drink… I mean “taste” whisky and inflict your opinions on others at the same time (why do you think I started this blog!).”

This Tweet Tasting was a little different from previous tastings in that it was run in conjunction with a live event at the Tamdhu distillery as part of this years Spirit of Speyside festival. The Tweet Tasting element of this went a lot faster than normal, with four samples being tasted within an hour. The tasting consisted off:

  1. Tamdhu New Make Spirit.
  2. Tamdhu 10.
  3. Tamdhu Limited Edition.
  4. Tamdhu Batch Strength II.

The samples came in a lovely box along with a branded perfect dram glass and two booklets – one explaining the history of the Tamdhu distillery and one with tasting notes for two of the samples.

Here are my tweets from the evening (more in depth tasting notes will be added to my blog at a later date):

Tamdhu New Make:


Tamdhu 10:


Tamdhu Limited Edition:


Tamdhu Batch Strength II:


For me the Batch Strength II was the star of the evening by far and for around £55 – £60 a bottle it’s well priced as well.

If you’d like another perspective on the evenings proceedings then check out these posts by Malt Musings and Bourgeois Booze.

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