Balblair 1999 Second Release

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whiskey differently from me.

This sample was kindly given to me by Vin PF, who you may know as No Nonsense Whisky – a vlog that takes a “No Nonsense” approach to whisky and whisky tasting. If you don’t know about him already I highly recommend checking out his vlog.

This sample was originally part of a set from The Dram Team who curate out-of-the-ordinary whisky tastings and deliver them right to your door. Each of their boxes contains five miniatures of carefully-chosen, great-tasting and high-quality whisky, and a very special “Sixth Dram”: A sample-sized taster of a super-premium bottle. All for £26.99 a month.


Bright gold.


Vanilla, oak and leather to start but quickly taken over by fruity notes – apple and lemon in particular. Honey comes through next to complement the fruit followed by spice with a mix of cinnamon and pepper. There’s also an underlying chocolate note.


Spicy to start with a good dose of pepper. Once this subsides you get lots of fruit, honey and vanilla and once again some oak and leather.


Lots of oak, leather spice and a nutty edge. Slightly drying. No sign of those sweeter notes from the nose or palate.


As always Balblair have produced a great whisky. Light, sweet and fruity on the nose but with a good dose of spice on the palate to help give it some depth. At around £61 a bottle it’s a good price as well. Having tried the 1st Release version of this I have to say I preferred that version to this one but seen as you can’t get your hands on the 1st release anymore (except maybe a sample or on an auction site) I’d say this is a close runner up!



Tasting notes taken from the Balblair website.


Tasting Notes


Balblair 1999 2nd release is copper in appearance with flecks of sparkling bronze.


The American oak, ex-bourbon barrels and Spanish oak, ex-sherry butts used for maturation impart the signature Balblair aromas of honey and green apples, as well as notes of rich, fruity Christmas cake with a hint of spice, citrus fruits and vanilla.


On the palate, it is full bodied, sweet and spicy in character, with hints of honey, vanilla and leather.


The finish is warm, smooth and long-lasting.

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