Glengoyne 10

Glengoyne 10.png

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret these whiskies differently from me.

Last month I started my blogging for House of Malt by taking A look at Glengoyne – tasting the 12, 15 and 18 year expressions. At the end of that post I mentioned the Glengoyne 10 which at the time I hadn’t tried. I enjoyed the Glengoyne range so much though I decided to order a bottle and see what I thought of it.


Glengoyne 10:


Sweet – vanilla and toffee, fresh popcorn. Light fruit notes – green apples. Nutty and malt with a dusty quality.


Sweet and light. Green apples and slight toffee again. Mild spicy oak and a good dose of malt.


Malt, nuts and oak. A slight bitterness from the oak but swiftly turning sweet with a hint of green apples following through.

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In comparison to the rest of the Glengoyne line up you can tell this is a younger dram. Even just an extra 2 years give the 12 year slightly more depth although this expression contains a lot of the same elements. In fact it’s great to see how their expressions develop with age and how their core elements follow through and develop with time.

So why should you buy the 10 year? Well for a start it’s a great starter dram for anyone new to whisky or as an everyday drinking dram. It offers interesting notes while not being overpowering in any one area – in a market of sherry bombs and peat it’s good to try something normal now and again. It’s also cheap – at £32.82 from House of Malt there are few whiskies offering the same quality to price ratio and that number is getting less and less as whisky prices continue to rise.

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  1. I had a dram of this on Sunday and really enjoyed it. In general, I find Glengoyne’s style “refreshingly unobtrusive”. There’s always a wealth of flavours in their whiskies, but they are all merged perfectly without any individual note sticking out too dominantly. Unless it is right after a strong Islay malt, I don’t think there is ever a wrong time to have a Glengoyne! 😉


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