Old Particular: Speyside 15

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret these whiskies differently from me.

For those of you who have not heard of Maltman Mike I highly recommend checking out his show on YouTube. He is a Whisky and Spirits Journalist and also happens to be Head of Sales at House of Malt. His show has recently undergone some changes with his new being more of a whisky and spirits T.V. show rather than the old vlog format. The first two episodes of the new look Maltman Mike & Friends Show focused on Douglas and Laing – a leading independent Scotch Whisky specialist who sell and distribute the finest single malt and single cask whiskies.

Now I’ve tried a couple of their expressions before at a whisky festival but I’ve never really sat down to taste anything from them. After watching Maltman Mike & Friends however I decided to change this and use the opportunity to try some more Single Cask whisky at the same time. Mike happily sold me a bottle of Old Particular Speyside 15 (available for at £52.20 at House of Malt) and upon arriving I promptly cracked it open.


Old Particular – Speyside 15:


Vanilla ice cream – sweet and creamy. Hot chocolate with a dash of spice in. After a little while fruit comes out – peaches and some lemon citrus. Also a dash of oak in the background.


Sweet and creamy. Vanilla follows through from the nose along with a touch of honey. The fruit from the nose has almost completely disappeared, with just a hint of citrus remaining. Spice is a little more pronounced giving it a peppery quality. Turns nutty as the spice dies down.


Hot chocolate and hazelnuts. Again that spice comes through but it is tamer than on the palate.

Click HERE to buy the Old Particular – Speyside 15.


What a dram! I really enjoyed this one from nose to finish. As a Speyside you expect something sweet and fruity but this has more to offer, coming in at 48.4% really helps with this. At £52.20 it’s about the same as a bottle of Dalmore 15 but it really does pack some extra punch with that higher abv and as a single cask it’s also a bit of a steal for that price. Certainly going to try more Douglas & Laing and Single Cask in the future after this.

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  1. Nice review. This sounds like another Old Particular bottling worth checking out. Believe it or not, but I never had a whisky from Speyside Distillery so far…

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    1. Thank you and yes definitely worth checking out. Also worth trying some Speyside whiskies – there are a lot of good whiskies from there. Glenfarclas is next on my Speyside list as I’ve heard good things about them but only ever tried one of their expressions.

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      1. Glenfarclas is fantastic! I never had a whisky of theirs that I didn’t like. When it comes to value for money, their 105 is almost unrivaled. I also had various other whiskies from the Speyside before, just never one from Speyside Distillery. With a name like that, confusion’s almost inevitable. 😀

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      2. Agreed! Need to actually look up Speyside distillery now to find out more about them – the only distillery I know of actually called Speyside Distillery is the one that produces Spey whisky. If it’s them I’ve only ever tried one other whisky from them before.


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