Glenturret Single Cask 16 Year

Photo by @jwbassman_ on Twitter

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret these whiskies differently from me.

On the 29th June 2017 I took part in the first of a series of blind tastings run by Brian who runs the Malt Musings blog. The idea was simple, five of us select 3 whiskies each and send samples to each other – each of our samples are given a letter to represent us and a number to represent where in the tasting they will be used. We then taste through the samples live on Twitter and try to guess what they are. It’s a great test of your tasting abilities but also really enjoyable to try something without any pre-conceptions based on origin, abv etc.

To read a review of the first blind tasting you can go to Brian’s post here. Our next live tasting is taking place this Thursday (13th) at 8pm and you can follow along with #BlindTasting. In the run up to the second tasting I will be posting my tasting notes for each of the whiskies tried in our first session.


Light gold with a slightly orange tinge.


Lots of tropical fruit, in particular pineapple. Followed by creamy notes with vanilla, toffee and chocolate.


Vanilla, spice and chocolate. Then lots of fruit – grapes, apple, pineapple and some lemon citrus.


Nuts, chocolate, a touch of citrus and then more tropical fruits.


Another enjoyable dram – very fruity with lots going on. I managed to pick out four different fruits on the palate but I’m sure with another dram or two and more time I could get even more. This is not only another great example of a single cask whisky but also of an independent bottling.

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