Black Tartan

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whiskey differently from me.

Black Tartan is brand new Blended Malt Whisky on sale now from Skene Whisky for around the £25 – £30 mark. I had the pleasure of trying this before its release date and have also shared samples with other whisky bloggers/vloggers – links to their reviews will be added at the bottom of this post as they are released.

“Black Tartan is a blended malt created from four premium Highland malts.  Marrying a fresh, spicy nose Black Tartan has a vanilla and butterscotch palate and a cardamom and nutmeg finish to create a whisky of singular quality.

A versatile, easy drinking whisky, it can enjoyed neat and over ice, but it’s also robust enough to work with anything you feel like adding.

There’s something else different about Black Tartan. It’s actually Scottish. It was named, designed, distilled, blended, bottled and boxed by Scots in Scotland. It is a wholly independently owned brand.”

Taken from Black Tartan Whisky’s Website.





Malty to start but turning sweet and fruity with red grapes, vanilla and butterscotch coming through. Then the spice takes hold with cinnamon and cardamom prominent.


Sweet and fruity straight away – red grapes joined by blackcurrant. Again vanilla and butterscotch but also some oak and more cinnamon and cardamom but also some nutmeg and a touch of clove.


Fruit and vanilla at first but quickly oak and nutmeg takes over. This is also where the char from the barrel takes hold with a BBQ’d meat quality to it and a touch of smoked paprika.


An enjoyable dram with a good mix of sweet and fruity notes and spice. I actually had to dip into my spice rack on this one as I couldn’t quite put my finger on that smoked paprika note from the finish. Easy to drink but could also work well in cocktails – especially an old fashioned.

To keep up-to-date with any news and stockists follow Black Tartan on Twitter.

Other Reviews:

As mentioned at the start of this post I shared a few samples of this dram with some other whisky bloggers/vloggers. As they release their reviews I will add links below.

Brian’s Malt Musings

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  1. effiwine says:

    How interesting to see a fully independent whisky brand! Sounds delicious!

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