Tenu Gin


Image from House of Malt.

Tenu Gin is distilled and bottled in the Valamo Monastery Distillery in Heinävesi, Finland. So this is litterally made by a brotherhood of Finnish monks, which on its own makes this pretty special. On top of that though it is also “… crafted from rare wild forest ingredients deep in the Finnish Taïga—the last primitive, untamed forest wilderness of the north.”

The more you read about this gin the more you feel like you’re slipping into Middle Earth or Westeros…

“Through a set of painstaking tasks tenu gin is distilled to a very high degree of perfection. the greatest care is taken to keep alive the spirit’s communication with its origins, the virgin forest.

This patient labour amounts to the work of a sha’man, traditionally the spiritual bridge between man and the wild.”

This is all reinforced by the stunning imagery on their website which really emphasises the link between this gin and it’s wild forest ingredients.

Quotes taken from Tenu Gin website.

The big question however is how does it taste? Now if you read my blog you’ll already know I’m a whisky drinker not a gin drinker, so I first tried this with some trepidation having previously been used to only cheap gin in the odd G’n’T. I have to say though this has opened my eyes to the world of gin and will be but the first of many reviews to come.


Juniper straight away, but it seems fresh and clean. Give it a bit of time to sit and you start to get sweetness coming through as well – like icing sugar.


Sweet, with juniper again coming through strong. Then the warming spiciness comes through. Peppery at first but mellowing to more of ginger quality. Finally I got something sweet and floral, the closest description I could come up with is Parma Violet sweets. Over all ita very smooth though and you wouldn’t think it was 47% abv.


Citrus comes out straight away on the finish giving a crisp, freshness. I also got an almost milky quality after the citrus died back to round it off.

This gin is currently only available in the UK from House of Malt . I highly recommend checking it out, along with the rest of their gin range if you’re big on your gins or are looking for a Christmas present for a gin fan. They are also running a competition on their Facebook page with a chance to win a bottle. The winner will be announced on 30th September so enter here  while you can.

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