Douglas Laing – Single Grain

According to The Scotch Whisky Regulations 2009 single grain Scotch whisky is defined as:

“A Scotch Whisky distilled at a single distillery (i) from water and malted barley with or without whole grains of other malted or unmalted cereals, and (ii) which does not comply with the definition of Single Malt Scotch Whisky.”

So similar to single malt whisky , single grain whisky doesn’t mean that it is produced from a single type of grain, only that it is from a single distillery. In fact single grain whisky is made with barley and at least one other grain (usually wheat or corn). Grain whisky is lighter bodied than single malts and most often is mixed with malt whisky to form blended whisky.

In recent years though single grain whisky has started to gain popularity as a dram in itself. With whiskies such as Haig Club Single Grain really becoming popular to the point there is now even a Haig Club bar in Birmingham. The lighter character of grain whisky is being seen as a way to persuade none whisky drinkers to give it a try and realise not all whiskies are strong flavoured like a characteristic Islay dram.

I’d implore you to look past the flash marketing of Haig Club though as there is a world of stunning grain whiskies on offer, many with amazingly low price tags considering their age. Douglas Laing have releases a range of single grains under their “Old Particular” bottling and some of these are what I’ll be looking at now.

Port Dundas 12 Year Old


Sweet – fresh vanilla, sponge cake and icing sugar.


Sweet and fresh – chocolate digestives, honey and a hint of mint. A touch of spice shows through but dies quickly.


Sweet but with a bit more of the spice from the palate. Touch of fruit hiding behind the sweet and spice.

Loch Lomond 19 Year Old


Sweet – vanilla and icing sugar. Lemon citrus but only mild.


Sweet fudge notes but contrasted with lemon citrus coming through stronger than on the nose. Some spice at the end.


Once again sweet and citrus intertwined. Lots of vanilla.

Strathclyde 25 Year Old


Sweet – chocolate and honey. Spice coming through under the sweetness – clove.


Sweet and spicy – cardamom and cinnamon and lots of brown sugar and fudge. Reminiscent of a dark rum.


Sweet – again brown sugar and fudge combination. Touch of spice again – more cinnamon now.

Girvan 26 Year Old


Sweet – brown sugar and honey. A malty quality as well.


Sweet – golden syrup and vanilla. Again that malty quality showing through along with a touch of spice – only mild though.


Surprisingly fruity with definite peach. Some vanilla again as well.


All of the above whiskies are limited in supply and most are already be sold out. I have included a link for the Port Dundas 12 year old HERE for you to buy from House of Malt for a very reasonable £35 however please be aware that this too may sell out fast. No need to be too dissapointed if you can’t get the one you want though as there is a fantastic and ever growing range of Douglas Laing whiskies available from House of Malt HERE.


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