The Whisky Show


The UK’s finest and largest whisky festival, bringing distillers and whisky lovers from all over the world together at Old Billingsgate in the heart of London for a truly spectacular food and whisky experience. This year’s theme was The Art of Whisky.

Taken from The Whisky Show website.

The Whisky Show is run by The Whisky Exchange who not only have an online store that you can buy whisky, other spirits, beer, wine, glassware etc but they also have shop in Covent Garden.


I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to attend the Trade & Press day of the event which is held on the Monday after the public show has been held over the weekend.


Tickets this year were on for £95 each day, with the show running on both Saturday and Sunday.


Included in your ticket price were the following:

More than 600 whiskies to sample
Food-pairings and cocktails
One Dream Dram token
Mini-masterclasses and talks
Two-course meal
Tasting glass

If you don’t know what a Dream Dram is then here’s an explanation:

“Dream Drams are the rarest, most sought after whiskies at the show, which have a minimum RRP of £500. Each ticket includes one complimentary Dream Dram token, which can be redeemed at exhibitor stands, additional tokens are available for purchase at the show priced at £10 each. Dream Drams can sell-out quickly on the day, visitors are advised to sample these early.  Please note that Dream Dram tokens are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.”

Taken from The Whisky Show website.


For the third year in a row The Whisky Show has been held at Old Billingsgate in London. It is a “a state-of-the-art event space” and is most suited for hosting such a prestigious whisky show.

© Simon J Hanna
Old Billingsgate, 1 Old Billingsgate Walk, London, EC3R 6DX

Main Event:

As I’ve already mentioned I attended the Trade & Press day which didn’t necessarily reflect the main show itself. It was certainly a quieter day for a start (although that doesn’t mean it wasn’t busy!). There were also certain whiskies (mainly Dream Drams) that had already run out by the time I got there.

I spent the day going round with Vin who runs the No Nonsense Whisky vlog on YouTube. If you’ve not heard of him before you should definitely check out his channel and subscribe to see weekly videos from him, you can also see his review of the day HERE. We also bumped into a plethora of other whisky bloggers while working our way round, starting with two of the Dead Bottle Collective guys on the train down to London. They’ve actually done two posts on the show – one on there blog HERE and one for The Birmingham Whisky Club HERE. I highly recommend checking out their posts and their blog in general for a no BS, highly opinionated take on whisky and the whisky industry (WARNING: for those with sensitive eyes they do tend to swear a lot!).

Now when they say that there are more than 600 whiskies to sample they really mean it! Even if I’d gone for the whole weekend I wouldn’t have been able to try everything I wanted to… not without killing myself anyway. I tried some stunning drams and met some lovely people, both attending the show and pouring whisky. I won’t even begin to try and go through everything I tried but I have included some photos below to give you a snap shot of what I managed to try.



This was an outstanding event. Yes £95 is a high price for a whisky festival, particularly compared to other festivals around the country, however it is most definitely worth it for the amount you get to try and the experience. I will most definitely be looking to go again next year, even if I have to buy a ticket this time. I’d also like to mention that they also run the Whisky Show: Old & Rare in Glasgow, which next year is running on the 24-25 February 2018 with tickets at £75 per day or £135 for a weekend ticket.


The Whisky Show: Old & Rare is a festival that celebrates the world of fine, rare and antique single malts and spirits. It offers attendees the chance to try unique, unrepeatable drams and to forge drinking experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Taken from The Whisky Show website.

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