Glenfarclas 15

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret these whiskies differently from me.

A couple of months ago I did a post looking at three expressions from Glenfarclas – the 10 year old, 105 Cask Strength and 12 year old. Now though I have taken things up a notch with their 15 year old expression. This retails for around the £50 – £55 mark but is currently for sale at only £47.95 online at House of Malt – to put that into perspective that’s less than £10 more than a bottle of the 12 year old. You can also have your bottle engraved for an extra £9.99 to make a personalised present.

Glenfarclas 15 Year Old:


Sherry and fruit straight away with cherries, mixed berries, a hint of strawberry, dried fruits (raisins) and orange peel. Sweet – vanilla, brown sugar and fudge. Butter, a touch of cinnamon and oak.


Ginger hit straight away followed up again by fruit – dried fruits, orange peel, berries. Once again sweet with milk chocolate, honey and brown sugar.


Dried fruits, a touch of chocolate, malt and spice – cinnamon and nutmeg.

Click HERE to buy the Glenfarclas 15 Year Old.

This one just keeps on giving. I could have spent forever just nosing this and I sure I’d have carried on I’d have picked up more and more as I went along. On that note after reading some other reviews people pick up a hint of peat in there, now I have to admit I couldn’t find it but given more time who knows?

This is certainly a step up from the 12 year old and for such a small price difference I would go for the 15 every time. Whether you want to enjoy a dram in front of an open fire or introduce a friend to the joys of whisky I think his really would suit all your needs.

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