Kilchoman Sanaig

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret these whiskies differently from me.

I am a peat head; pure and simple! Now don’t get me wrong I love all kinds of whisky and especially sherried expressions but given the choice I’d go for a good peaty dram any day. Kilchoman hark from that magical island of Islay and although a young distillery (Founded 2005) I haven’t found a single expression of theirs that I haven’t enjoyed. Sanaig is a particular favourite of mine now as it combines the peatiness which I love with a good sherry influence to give an exciting mix of smoke and fruit.

Sanaig is matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks, with olorroso sherry casks making up the majority. The result is a sweet and fruity dram that still packs a good peaty, smoky punch.

Kilchoman Sanaig:


Peat and smoke straight away but quickly developing into something sweeter. Dark chocolate, toffee and a touch of vanilla. Fruity notes start to show up next with cherries coming through strong for me.


That fruit is stronger now, again cherries but also blackberries and raisins. Dark chocolate again and a hint of coffee. Then that peat and smoke shows its head again and slowly builds and builds along with a touch of peppery spice.


The smoke really shines through again on the finish. Again that dark chocolate has followed through all the way from the nose and right at the end you get a touch sweet, fruitiness.

Click HERE to buy the Kilchoman Sanaig.

A stunning dram and we’ll worth the price tag of around £50 (£50.99 at House of Malt to be precise). If you like you’re Islay whiskies then you can’t go wrong with Kilchoman – their younger malts are showing that NAS can be done well and can give some aged malts a run for their money.

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