Elements of Islay: Peat (Full Proof)

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret these whiskies differently from me.

Elements of Islay buy casks from a range of Islay distilleries and then produce a range of elemental style whiskies from them. You can normally take an educated guess at which distillery each bottling comes from by the period table style name. Their aim is to showcase what Islay has to offer but they might also surprise you with some of their bottlings.

Peat (Full Proof):


Peat with a touch of iodine. Earthy and musty with plenty of oak. Also a sweet note though as well as salt and citrus.


Sweet to start with vanilla giving way to ginger spice. Citrus comes through clearer on the palate with lime and grapefruit. Then that smoke and peat comes back as well as chocolate note.


Smoke and peat again but giving way to those sweeter notes of vanilla and chocolate. Slight nuttiness, salty and drying with that citrus coming back right at the end.

Click HERE to buy Elements of Islay: Peat (Full Proof).

I love a peaty dram and this is no exception! Plenty of smoke and peat but also some fruity notes, salt, nuttiness and more. It also comes in at 59.3% abv – not that you’d know that from tasting it, in fact I can happily drink this without the addition of water although if you’d prefer to add a drop of water to yours the high abv means you won’t need to worry about drowning it.

Some of the other Elements of Islay expressions can be quite expensive, this one however is only £33.99 for a 50cl bottle which for a good quality Islay whisky is a good price. It’s also a core bottling that they sell along with their Peat (Pure Islay) which is cheaper at £28.99 but only 45% abv. If you like your peaty drams then I would certainly recommend this to you.

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