SMWS 53.242: Honey and Vanilla Smoke.


Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky differently from me.

This is a free sample I received as part of the SMWS Affiliate programme – you can read more about that HERE. For those who don’t know the SMWS numbering system for their bottlings you can easily look them up online to get more information – to make it easier for you though this particular dram is a Caol Ila, 7 year old expression.


Pale Straw


Smokey and sweet. Vanilla, biscuit and icing sugar. Also a salty/briney note underneath.


Sweet and spicy. Honey, fruit, smoke and a touch of citrus.


Smoke, chocolate and praline.


A really enjoyable dram. It’s has that characteristic Caol Ila smoke, I’d describe it as sort of a meaty smoke. One thing I will say is I didn’t really get the honey on the nose – plenty of smoke and vanilla but no honey. It certainly came through on the palate though.


Taken from SMWS Website:


An interesting dram; it seems older than 7 years, but slightly lacking finesse – a gawky teenager with the promise of grace. The nose has honey and vanilla smoke (‘a fire in an American Cream Soda factory’, someone suggested), dried kelp, lobster creels, scallops and beach bonfires. The palate is deeply satisfying – a wee explosion of sweet smoke (hot smoked salmon), poached pears and an earthy tang. With water, the nose gets sea breezes over the machair and polished leather shoes. The palate has a lovely sweet viscosity of vanilla and toffee; tar and burnt twigs bring earthiness to the finish.

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