Penderyn: Peated

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky differently from me.

I was sent this sample by Dom Byard aka Whisky Feind on Twitter following on from my Penderyn video for Maltman Mike and Friend’s on YouTube.


Light gold.


Apples, slightly sour but with a touch of sweetness underneath – white chocolate.


Vanilla, spice and a touch of oak. Apple again and the vaguest hint of peat smoke.


Oak and slight tropical fruit note.


Personally I’d say calling this expression “peated” is misleading. Yes when you read more about it they do explain that it’s on lightly peated and that the peat influence comes from aging the whisky in ex-Laphroaig quarter casks rather than from drying the barley with peat fire. That’s fine once you know that but as a consumer just wanting to buy a peated whisky you’d be disappointed by this dram.

That’s not to say it’s a bad whisky because it’s not, it’s just not really a peated whisky. If you’re after a peated Penderyn then I’d recommend skipping this and buying a bottle of Celt instead!


Taken from Penderyn Website:

Tasting Notes

Nose: It introduces itself with sweet, aromatic smoke. Under this, there are signature notes of vanilla, green apple and refreshing citrus.

Palate: An array of gentle flavours tempts even the most sophisticated palate.

Finish: Smoke and vanilla linger on the attractive medium-length finish.

Balance: Light smoke/citrus fruitiness

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