Cadenhead’s Cask Strength: Old Pulteney 12

Cadenheads CS
Photo by Whisky Wings

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whiskey differently from me.

In August 2018 we started series 4 of #BlindTasting set up my Brian of Malt Musings. If you’ve not heard of the #BlindTasting’s then you can get the low-down HERE on Malt Musing’s website.

The first blind whisky sample in Series 4 came from Mike aka Whisky Wings and turned out to be Cadenhead’s Cask Strength: Old Pulteney 12 year old. My full tasting notes are below:


Pale gold.


Fruity but also sour – definite pineapple. There’s an underlying grassy note and some malt coming through.


Sweet to start. Some vanilla but not loads. Then rising spice and oak. Then the initial sweetness subsides and bitterness shows through.

With Water the spice is brought down dramatically and more sweet notes come through including fudge. Otherwise no difference on the nose with water.


Malty and sweet on the finish.


An enjoyable dram although I’d have had no idea it was an Old Pulteney – independent bottling or not. At 56% it was a whopper though and a great way to start series 4 of #BlindTasting

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