Canadian Club Whisky

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky differently from me.


Reddish gold.


Sweet with aniseed and a touch of straw.


Watery bit with some sweetness and aniseed note again with a rising bitterness.


Bitter, aniseed – like cough syrup.


Cheap and watery with very little of interest. But then at £18/£20 a bottle I wouldn’t have expected much from it anyway. But then it’s more designed for mixing than drinking neat, so as a mixer it probably wouldn’t be too bad and at the price it’s not the end of the world even if it did make an awful mixer.

Taken from Canadian Club website:


Refreshing and Smooth


Bright gold


Fresh and soft, with an almond nuttiness, hint of peppery spice


Spicy and zesty, complimented with hints of rich oak and sweet vanilla, pleasant sweetness


Clean, dry and lingering with subtle oak


40% alc./vol. 80 proof

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  1. admars32 says:

    Yeh, I thought pretty much the same thing. It had a couple of quid off in the supermarket, so thought I’d give it a go, slightly better than Haig Club Clubman, but not much, certainly same ball park, as you say, wouldn’t want to drink it neat, but passable with a mixer/in a cocktail. For the same money you’re better off with one of Lidl or Aldi’s whiskies.

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    1. Precisely. A bit more flavour to it than Clubman but yes some of the Aldi and Lidl bottom shelf whiskies are more enjoyable than this.

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