Bunnahabhain Toiteach A Dhà

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky differently from me.

I was given this sample by Mr T aka The Whisky Reiver. If you haven’t already then I highly recommend checking out his Facebook page here: The Whisky Reiver I’d also recommend checking out The Whisky Viking’s vlog for Maltman Mike and Friend’s Show where he struggles to pronounce Toiteach A Dhà (who can blame him for struggling with that one?!).


Reddish gold.


A gentle peat, not overwhelming. Slightly nutty and chocolatey. Given time vanilla and custard notes come through.


Sweet and creamy. Some subtle raisin notes. Then rising peat with oak and some spice – cloves and maybe cinnamon?


Peat and the same nutty and chocolate notes from the nose. Lingering with a coffee note over time.


Another knock out whisky from Bunnahabhain! At around £40/£45 a bottle I think this is another one that’s well worth the money and a good example of a NAS whisky done right. Actually this is probably my favourite NAS since Highland Park Dark Origins which was about £20/£25 more than this and if I’m honest I’d much rather buy this considering the price difference. Of course Dark Origins has been discontinued now so I’d buy this one hands down now!

Taken from Bunnahabhain website:



Light Amber Gold


Intriguing peatiness with hints of sherry and rich oak.


Immediate warming peatiness drift to a sweet Oloroso sherry influence with rich oak, balanced with delicate pepper.


Robust length for the discerning palate.

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