Cadenhead’s Batch No1 Blended Scotch

Please take into account that these are my personal tasting notes and personal experience, as such you may interpret this whisky differently from me.

On Sunday 18th November we started Series 5 of #BlindTasting. If you’ve not heard of the #BlindTasting’s then you can get the low-down HERE along with details of previous series and all the samples weve had so far on Malt Musing’s website.

The third blind whisky sample in Series 5 was from Mike (@whiskywings). This sample turned out to be Cadenhead’s Batch No1 Blended Scotch. My full tasting notes are below:




Pure caramel. Once that passes there’s a mild smoke/charred note and vanilla.


Caramel again then spice overtakes everything. As that dies back sweet, creamy, caramel comes back. Mild smoke/char shows up again with a chocolate note.


Really nutty and chocolatey on the finish and again I keep getting that smoke/char note (btw no one else got smoke from this on the blind tasting so it might just have been me).


This little beauty was aged for 10 years and came in at a whopping 60.5% abv!!! Not that you would have known it from the nose or the palate. Sweet, creamy, spicy, nutty, this had it all and was a cracking dram. It’s also a fantastic example of how blends aren’t necessarily “inferior” to single malts.

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