Essentia Draco

 Welcome to my new range of cocktails entitled: “Fantastic Cocktails and How to Make Them” To kick things off I present “Essentia Draco” or “Essence of Dragon”. Advertisements

Old Fashioned

This is obviously not a cocktail recipe I’ve created but as such a staple whisky cocktail I felt I had to get around to making one at some point. First things first, a quick look at the history of this iconic cocktail:

Sheer Decadence

Carrying on my Whisky Cocktail Series with “Sheer Decadence”. The basis for this cocktail is Jura Origin – my tasting notes for which can be found here. Although the palate for this particular dram came through with toffee and apple the nose presented white wine and citrus and wanted to complement all of this.

Bitter Sweet (& Sour) Symphony

I know, I know, “Whisky Cocktails” – the bane of the whisky purists life. I get why people are so reluctant to put whisky in a cocktail, or to add a mixer or even ice. Creating a good whisky is an art form which takes not only years to age but also an expert with…