Cooper King Distillery Founders’ Club

THE FOUNDERS’ CLUB IS OUR COMMUNITY OF ADVENTUROUS PEOPLE WHO HUNGER FOR SOMETHING A LITTLE DIFFERENT. Become a part of the Cooper King story and help found England’s most exciting new distillery by joining the Club. Spaces are limited. Join now for exclusive rewards: Exceptional hand-made small-batch spirit. Collectable Inaugural Release whisky from cask number…

After Burns

So Burns Night is over for another year, what now?

Running a Whisky Tasting

If you’re reading my blog then there’s a good chance you’ve already attended a whisky tasting or two, and if not I would highly recommend it. If you have attended a whisky tasting though have you ever wondered how much work has gone into setting it up? After running a very small scale tasting myself…

Whisky Birmingham – Hints & Tips

If you were lucky enough to bag a ticket to this years Whisky Birmingham then congratulations! Whisky Birmingham 2015 was what really launched me head first into whisky tasting, despite having drunk whisky for years before, and hopefully this year’s event will help start swathe of new whisky enthusiasts. If you are new to Whisky Birmingham…

Flaviar Prime Membership

At the end of last month I finally bit the bullet and signed up to Flaviar Prime Membership. If you’ve not heard of this before then here is a brief overview:

Becoming a Whisky Connoisseur

I’ve been drinking whisky for several years now, but I only got into whisky tasting properly a little under a year ago. I have a small collection of around 10 different whiskies and despite having tried all of them I’m only just getting around to writing up my tasting notes.

Whisky tasting for newbies – what the hell do I do?

So you’ve got everything you need to start your whisky tasting experience (what you’ll need to get started); time to get tasting! If you’re like me you’ve probably had a glass or two already to (ahem) “help your palate adjust”, so now the actual tasting can begin. First pour yourself a dram (small measure) of…