I'm a self proclaimed whisky geek, with experience in blogging and vlogging about whisky. Since 2019 I have been running whisky, and other spirits tastings. You can find details of upcoming events on the Events Page. I am also a Certified Bourbon Steward with the Stave and Thief Society.
I believe the best way to upgrade your drinking experience is to learn more about what you are drinking. The more you know about what you are drinking - the different styles, production methods and ways to enjoy it, the more you will appreciate it and this will enhance your drinking experience. As such I have put together a series of mini guides to help you learn more and upgrade your drinking experience.
I have recently started a new project called Whisky in Motion. Through Whisk in Motion I explore the multi-sensory experience of whisky through photography and cinematography.
Please note, all tasting notes are all my own, and are my personal impression of a whisky. Whisky is all about personal taste so remember what I might love you might hate. Check out my Mini Guide to Buying Whisky for some basic advice when buying. 
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