Master of Malt
Master of Malt is an award-winning on-line spirits retailer with a proud heritage of 30 years in whisky retail especially. From humble beginnings in a shop in Royal Tunbridge Wells (no longer a thing...), they have painstakingly compiled a vast catalogue of single malt Scotch whiskies, fine spirits and all manner of other drinks and cocktail ingredients over three decades to provide one of the most expansive ranges you could hope to find anywhere in the world.​​​​​​​
Master of Malt are so good at what they do that they were named Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky Global Online Retailer of the Year for seven years in a row!
They sell all kinds of whisky from all over the world and have their own bottling range.​​​​​​​
"Master of Malt was founded in 1985 as a retailer and bottler of whisky and other fine spirits. Today, we bottle new whiskies all the time, and our policy is simple: we only ever put our name on anything that makes us go “Wow!” That’s all there is to it! Being extremely picky, we regularly try dozens of cask samples before we find one we’re willing to bottle (trying glass after glass of fine Scotch whisky is harder than it sounds!). We also dearly love to bottle unusual whiskies too."
They also sell a wide range of other spirits, wines, beers, mixers and glassware. My favourite part of their site though are their Drinks by the Dram Samples. With everything from pre-made tasting sets, a create your own set option, individual samples or at Christmas their coveted Whisky Advent Calendars and Whisky Crackers
Here you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of 3cl samples of all kinds of spirits from all over the world. It all started one day when we were thinking, “wouldn’t it be great if you could try a whisky without having to shell out on a full-sized bottle….” With this in mind we took 70cl bottles and divided them up into little samples, all of which are wax-dipped and handsomely-labelled with laid paper. Now you can literally try before you buy anything from whisky, rum and tequila, to gin, vodka and much, much more!
Want to find out more? Have a look on their website and check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Facebook: @masterofmalt
Twitter: @MasterOfMalt
Instagram: @masterofmalt
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