HoM Resident Blogger

I’ve recently had the honor of being made the resident blogger for House of Malt so I thought it would be a good idea to start off by introducing myself and telling you all a bit about my background.

Photo courtesy of James Bastable – www.jamesbastable.co.uk

I’m 75% English gent, 25% Scottish rogue but I’m 100% a whisky geek! I honestly can’t remember my first whisky drinking experience but it was most likely sneaking a drink of my mom’s bottle of Bell’s and thinking “I hate this stuff!”. I do however have a fond memory of the first whisky that made me think “actually I don’t hate this stuff, in fact I love it!”. It was in the Stromness Hotel on Orkney. I was sat in their whisky bar with my mom and we had a dram of Highland Park 12 year. I enjoyed it so much that the next day I went out and bought a bottle, since then I’ve had a love affair with Highland Park and whisky in general.

HP 1

My whisky tasting and blogging experience is a little more recent however. After attending a whisky festival in Birmingham I went from a whisky drinker to a whisky taster. It was then that I decided to start a blog as a way to legitimise buying a drinking even more whisky. So in September 2015 I started my blog – Gentleman Grimm. Since then I’ve tasted a wide range of whiskies from all across the world and honed my whisky tasting skills. I’m still learning though, improving my tasting notes, trying new things and meeting some wonderful people involved in the industry and in the whisky blogging community.


Now here I am, 12+ years of whisky drinking, 3+ years of blogging, hundreds of different whiskies tasted (and counting) and I’m now blogging for House of Malt. If nothing else this shows that if you have an interest and a passion for something then you should pursue it as you never know where it might take you. Check out my blog posts for House of Malt and look out for any upcoming events when I will be in the store helping them with events or to sell whisky.